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Your gift will help benefit healthcare workers in Oncology and the ICU at Children’s Mercy Hospital.

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Who are we

Morgan Knoblock Foundation is a non-profit organization with the belief that nurses are the conduit to understanding and caring for patient needs. Our scholarship program helps new nurses attending nursing school at CMH and continuing education for existing nurses.


How we help

Over the next five years the foundation will be providing funds to create an endowment in perpetuity, that will create scholarship funds for years to come. In addition, the foundation will fund a yearly scholarship, separate from the endowment to nursing scholarship. This year the scholarship was awarded to Olivia Kesterson, a nurse in the ICU at CMH, that will provide funds for her to work to her Nurse Practitioner degree.


Thank you to our supporters!

We are very grateful for the generosity of the individuals, groups, business, foundation and friends that partner with us in bring our mission alive. Together, we’re making a difference in the lives of the many selfless-caring nurses at Children’s Mercy Hospital.

– Cj and Anna Knoblock, Dan Schroeder

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